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Important update:

  • 04/09/2007: Voltage/Wire speed selection chart are available for download:

    Mag 211

    Mag 251

  • 20/6/2008: Mag 251 manual: Add a new trouble shooting item: when push the gun trigger, feeding rolling not rotate. the cause maybe the gun selection switch toggled to "pull" when not using spool gun
  • 22/10/2008: CoolCut30 Manual: output current modified to 20/15A at 110 V(20/15A) input. Maximum gas pressure modified to 0.3 mpa(3bar).
  • 11/11/2010: Extension cable selection chart for MigSonic-145, CoolArc-160, CoolCut-30 are available for download. Use wrong size of extension cable may cause damage to the machine not covered by warranty:

    Extension Cable selection chart (MigSonic-145, CoolArc-160, CoolCut-30)