AC/DC Pulsed TIG Welders - Excellent for Aluminum

  • CoolTig™220

  • /208/230V input AC/DC TIG and STICK welding machine with essential TIG and Stick functions yet provides easy to use operator-friendly user interface. Suitablefor hobbyists, makers, small fabricators and craftsmen.
  • Rated duty cycle:

    208/230V input:
    TIG: 25% @ 220A/18.8V
    100% @ 110A/14.4V
    STICK: 25% @ 170A/26.8V
    100% @ 85A/23.4V
  • The advanced intelligent control technology will dynamically optimize the welding process so that with just one single knob, you can weld like Pro!
  • Foot control and finger tip remote current control ready.
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  • PulseWave™200

  • High end professional AC/DC TIG and AC/DC STICK welding machine suitable for precision fabrication, pipe and tube fabrication, aerospace, aluminum repair and heavy fabrication.
  • Digital IGBT inverter offers full AC features, including advanced waveforms and wide ranges of balance and frequency.
  • Innovative NaviGear™ pilot navigation technology offers capacity of single knob adjustment of all settings, turns complicated parameter tuning process into unbelievable easy experience.
  • Built-in memory allows for up to 10 sets of parameters to be stored. Operator can switch quickly between the routine jobs.
  • Empowered by state of art ultra-high 900Hz pulse generator, the unit has excellent high speed performance on thin material.
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