TIG Welders

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Welding process :

  • AC/DC Pulsed TIG (P-GTAW)
  • Air Carbon Arc Gouging(CAC-G)

Powered by fast response MCU (micro-controller), WeldKing® PulseWave200 is a high end, professional full digital AC/DC IGBT TIG welding power source. Weighting less than 23 pounds (10Kg), the unit generates up to 200A output with 35% duty cycle, meanwhile delivers exceptional stable, focus arc at as low as 5A.

Innovative NaviGear™ pilot navigation technology offers capacity of single knob adjustment of all settings, turns complicated parameter tuning process into unbelievable easy experience.

Large built in memory allows for up to 10 sets of parameters to be stored. Operator can switch quickly between the routine jobs.

Four professional AC wave shapes. Unique Trapezoidal wave delivers quieter arc with maximum puddle control and good wet action meanwhile keeps all the advantages of true square wave.

30%-99% AC balance adjustable range provides unmatchable oxide removal capability.

AC frequency is variable from 50Hz to 250Hz, allows precise control of the arc in aluminum welding.

Empowered by state of art ultra-high 900Hz pulse generator, the unit has excellent high speed performance on thin material.

The optional full feature wireless remote control allows operator adjust and monitor all parameters from as far as 100 meter (330ft) away from the machine.


PulseWave200 Specifications:

  • Rated output:
    AC TIG: 200@18V
    AC STICK: 200@28V
    DC TIG: 170@16.8V
    DC STICK: 170@27V
  • Output range:
    AC: 5-200A
    DC: 5-170A
  • Input: 200(208)/230/60Hz, 1ph
  • Max OCV: 66V
  • Dimension(HxWxD):48 x14 x24cm (19x51/2x91/2in)
  • Weight(KG): 10.5kg (22.5lbs)

WeldKing® PRO26 TIG torch, 26 ft (8 M) cable with 12-pin plug and on/off switch+ remote current control.
Order (No. 07002615)

  • Rated currency (A): 200A/DC, 150A/AC
  • Rated voltage (V): <113
  • Rated duty cycle (%): 60
  • Cooling method: Air cooled
  • Air consumption (l/min): 4-15
  • Cable length (M): 8(26ft)
  • Electrode Range (mm): 0.5-4.0(0.020-5/32 in)
  • Consumables: 26 style

WeldKing® FC25-HD foot pedal with on-off switch and remote current control, 26 ft (8M) cable and 12-pin
Order (No. 07002510)


WeldKing® FC25-WL wireless foot Order (No. 07002515)

  • Power supply: three AAA batteries
  • Operating range (M): 100 (330ft) maximum
  • Frequency (Hz): 2.4G

WeldKing® YK25-WL wireless remote Order (No. 07002518)

  • Power supply: three AAA batteries
  • Operating range (M): 100 (330ft) maximum
  • Frequency (Hz): 2.4G