Manual Download

Important update:

  • 04 September 2007: Voltage/Wire speed selection chart are available for download:

    Mag 211

    Mag 251

  • 22 October 2008: CoolCut30 Manual: output current modified to 20/15A at 110 V(20/15A) input. Maximum gas pressure modified to 0.3 mpa(3bar).

  • 01 November 2010: Extension cable selection chart for MigSonic-145, CoolArc-160, CoolCut-30 are available for download. Use wrong size of extension cable may cause damage to the machine not covered by warranty:

    Extension Cable selection chart

  • 31 May 2017: Major feature upgrade for the new CoolTIG220:

    In TIG mode, press down parameter adjust knob and hold for 2-3 seconds and dial the knob to, choose 2T or 4T, and press the knob again to confirm.

    2T: Pressing the torch trigger will start arc with setting current, releasing the torch trigger will stop welding

    4T: Pressing the torch trigger will start arc at 10A start current, releasing the torch trigger will increase the current to setting current, pressing the trigger again will reduce the current to 10A, and releasing the trigger will stop welding.

    This new feature will solve the problem when using the torch remote current control, operator need to hold the on-off switch and current adjustment wheel in the same time.